Gien Faïence is 100% manufactured at the Faïencerie de Gien located in the Loire Valley in France.
The uniqueness of fine Gien Faïence is due to the natural ingredients used, its quality designs and forms. The clay paste, plaster casts and glaze recipes are all formulated and produced exclusively at the Gien factory.
All stages of production are carried out here, starting with a heap of earth and working through to the final product. A Gien dinner plate requires 26 different ingredients and passes through the hands of 30 skilled craftsmen and women, all expert in their field.


SABRE was born from a desire to combine usefulness and pleasure, tradition and modernity, functionality and freedom.
Each cutlery item is the result of traditional know-how and a unique artistic freedom.
By bringing colour and multi-coloured patterns into its collection, SABRE also provides a source of inspiration and emotion.

Each SABRE cutlery range comes in a variety of colours with a choice of matching accessories.The cutlery is made from quality materials to satisfy your daily needs.
The blades are made in France of a stainless steel and carbon alloy that’s essential to give our knife blades cutting power. Our acrylic cutlery handles are made by hand and not from a mould to provide a soft finish, ease of use and an attractive appearance.
Your cutlery will remain shiny and will not turn cloudy over time.

La Rochère

La Rochere has been producing its extensive range of glassware since 1475.

Strengthened by La Rochere’s expertise and the historic background of the glassworks, they wish to develop an offer that is varied both in manufacturing terms, ranging from machine glass to mouth-blown glass, and inspiration, including reissues of 18th century designs and the creations of young, contemporary designers.